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Looking to add some beef to your ride? Need to protect your investment from the wear and tear of your offroad lifestyle? Look no further because a new set of fender flares is going to be perfect for you. Fender flares come in many different varieties and each has its own distinctive look and purpose. Fender flares are best known in the off-roading community as a way to protect the finish on a truck or SUV from any rocks, mud or debris you might kick up while driving off-road. Even if you don’t take your truck offroad, fender flares protect your paint just the same. Sometimes after adding larger tires you may need to add fender flares as a way to complete the look of your daily driver or even meet legal requirements. Whatever your reason for adding custom fender flares to your ride, you can bet that it’s going to look and perform better than stock. Installations Unlimited carries a huge selection of fender flares for pickup trucks & SUV's. Choose from ARIES, Bushwacker, EGR, Fab Fours, Husky Liners, Lund, Outland, Paramount Automotive, Rampage, Smittybilt, Stampede and more. Most fender flares come in black and can be custom painted to match the color of your truck or SUV. Available in 4 piece sets for the front or rear. If you are looking for a custom truck look or just concerned about debris and rock chips dinging up your truck's body and wheel wells. Fender flares are what you need. Dress up & defend your truck or SUV with some tough and rugged fender flares and you'll have a lot less to worry about, whether you're off-roading or cruising the highway. If you have oversized tires on your pickup, then they're practically an essential upgrade for your ride. Browse around our enormous selection and enjoy our unbeatable prices and friendly customer care. Choose from plenty of different options and pick out the set that's best for your vehicle. Fender Flares are available at Installations Unlimited located at 3812 Brewerton Road North Syracuse, NY 13212.

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